Even the best stylists have bad days

hairdresserWhen Things Go Wrong (What Did You Do to My Hair?)
Even the best stylists have bad days or make the occasional mistake, just like all of us. Here`s how the good ones handle it:
Stylists don`t argue, even if they disagree. They listen to the client, apologize sincerely, and offer to make it right as soon as possible.
Stylists realize that the most important thing is for no one to feel traumatized. There is rarely a reason to be shocked or insulted if you`re the stylist or to be despondent if you`re the client. Almost every hair mistake or disaster can be fixed with minimal collateral damage.
Stylists realize that generosity on the part of the salon and understanding on the part of the client keeps a long-term relationship intact.
What if you`re the client and you hate how your hair turned out? Do you grin and bear it, only to break down in tears as soon as you reach your car? That`s not what we suggest; you need to speak up right then and there, but in as rational a manner as possible (even if you`re freaking out inside). Our advice:
Tell your stylist (or, if your stylist is already working on a new client, the salon manager or front desk staff) that you`re unhappy with how your hair turned out.
Keep your composure, and clearly state what you don`t like about your hair. Is it too short? Not enough layers? Is the color copper when you wanted honey tones? Be as specific as possible so the person you`re speaking to will know how to frame the fix.
It is OK to withhold payment for the service until it is done to your satisfaction. Whether fixed on the same day or at a later date that`s convenient for both parties, do not pay for a salon service if you`re unhappy with the results. If the salon insists on payment, be sure you have written confirmation that the cost to fix the problem will be zero (as in free).
In the future, be sure to discuss with your stylist any concerns you have about how your hair turned out the last time. Perhaps the problem was due to the dye being left on too long, so the timing needs to be adjusted, or perhaps you forgot to tell your stylist you had colored your hair a couple weeks back (how color turns out on dyed versus virgin hair can be very different). Get everything out in the open to ensure the same issue doesn`t happen again.
To a client, the salon environment (especially a new salon) can seem intimidating. The tips above will help you feel empowered and capable of handling the sometimes fractious, but more often than not rewarding, relationship you can have with a talented hairstylist.
As a stylist, you`re in a unique position to make your clients look and feel like a million bucks. They`re trusting (and paying) you to make them look good, and they deserve your full attention and the full extent of your talents. Fostering and maintaining a positive experience for every client will reap huge rewards for you, both personally and professionally.